Help us Support St Rita's Primary School and their fete.

Thursday, June 07, 2012
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Total Telecom Solutions is happy to announce we are supporting St Rita's Primary School and their annual community fete. Every year St Rita's hold their fete to help raise much needed funds for the school and the parish community. This years fete will be held on 28th July at the Victoria Point Campus.

This year Total Telecom Solutions is giving you the opportunity to join us in helping support St Rita’s Primary School and the parish community. For every new St Rita’s family or business that joins the Total Telecom Solutions Family, we will donate 10% of your monthly bill back to the school, every month.

Contact our friendly team on 1300 650 783

If you would like more information regarding the fete you can visit their facebook   page: or jump on the school website: 

Apple removes 4G labelling

Monday, May 14, 2012

After their day in court with the ACCC and agreeing to offer refunds to any unhappy customers and remove all 4G labelling from their Australian products, Apple have made a bold move and relabelled many of their online stores including the US.  

Instead of having the 4G model this has now been relabelled “Wi-Fi and Cellular”. Apple Australia’s online store now promotes “This product supports very fast cellular networks. It is not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX Networks”. This statement will also be added to store and promotional material.

Apple also came under fire in the UK for the use of the term 4G, where like in Australia; the new iPad was unable to connect to the UK 4G network. The Apple UK site has also been updated.

Apple launches the new iPad.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today Apple launched the new iPad. Now they might not have to wow the masses anymore but expectations are high.

The first iPad hit the stores in April 2010 with 65,000 apps specially made for its large screen. With its wide range of uses and the ability to eliminate the home computer and be an office on the run it quickly became the must have product of the year.

In a little under a year Apple released the iPad2, which was one third thinner, 15% lighter, and twice as fast as the original but the biggest and most coveted feature was the front and rear facing camera giving the user the ability to take photos, video, skype and facetime.

This year’s release boasts 4G* speed and connectivity, a crisper screen quality, Apple have named a retina display, a faster speed with the A5X processor and an improved 5MP camera that mimics the features introduced in the iphone 4S. The one obvious negative is the weight. With todays technology getting smaller and lighter the new iPad has taken a step backwards.

The tablet market is a fierce one something Apple CEO, Tim Cook is well aware of estimating more than 100 competitive tablets were launched in 2011. And although none have matched the success Apple has been enjoying, the Asus Transformer Infinity is clearly it toughest competitor.

With early buzz very positive for Apple the question is have they done enough?

*The New iPad is currently not compatible with Australia’s 4G network 

What Won’t Work In Cheaper Windows Phones

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The good news: Microsoft is loosening its strict spec standards to push some highly affordable Windows Phones to the market. Thebad news? Those phones are going to be a little bit, shall we say,compromised.

Nokia and ZTE are going to be manufacturing Windows Phones with just 256MB of RAM shortly, but they’re going to have to leave out certain aspects of the WP Tango experience. Specifically, “processor intensive” apps (potentially your favourite games) won’t work, you won’t be able to manage podcasts, fast app switching is dead, some HD video codecs are dead, Bing Local Scout is dead, background agents are dead, automatic SkyDrive photo uploading is gone too.

We’re fans of Windows Phone and have beaten the RAM-doesn’t-matter drum before, and it really doesn’t — after a certain point. That point being, apparently, around 256MB. And while I appreciate Microsoft’s drive to get its mobile candy in more people’s gullets, if you’re getting a phone on contract, the outright price doesn’t really hit you the same way.

I’m generally one to say cheaper is always better, but you know what? That’s only true until it’s not.

By Brian Barrett 

Choosing a Phone System

Monday, March 12, 2012


Before you can make the decision about what you need from a phone system and what features should go on your checklist, you need to be sure you know all about the surrounding parameters. You need to know about the network you are connecting to, the size and expandability of the system you want, and what the mission-critical business application you need from a phone may be. This includes subtle decisions like how much disruption to operations and training your organization can tolerate in the transition.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Phone System:

1.  What is the size of my business in terms of number of employees using the phone now? And in two years?
2.  What kind of internal computer and network systems do I have? Can they handle VoIP? Do I need to install something new or perform an upgrade?
3.  What are the core features I need from a phone system – no matter what? The features that I cannot leave out for the good of my business?

The answers to these questions need to be your foremost guide. In terms of size you, need to be able to figure out how many extensions (actual phones) you need and you need to know how many outside lines you need. Typically this is about a third of the number of phones, but if your business involves a lot of calling for sales or service reasons, you may need more. In terms of your network, you do not want to install a phone system and then discover that to make it work effectively you need to spend as much again on upgrading your network. And in terms of features, you do not want to compromise on the features you need just to get something fancy which may or may not fit into your day-to-day operations.

by Owen Linderholm 

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